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"I had the privilege of working with Carl for our Cerner implementation EMR project at our Rehab Hospital. To start, Carl understand the whole system and is able to translate needs of all players to meet the need of our network. He understands that physicians are not interested in complicated algorithms of EMR's , which takes away the patient-physician experience. Carl believes in innovation and making the end user experience seamless. He is brilliant, professional, hardworking, and gets you result. He goes beyond his contracted roles to do research and provide solutions to his client. It has been a great learning experience working with Carl. My background in health policy, system thinking, population health, safety and efficiency in care delivery has been enhance by Carl. He believes in solutions and goes the extra mile to make difficult and complicated concepts comes to life. Above all , Carl understand that the reason behind all these is to create value for the PATIENT, something those of us in healthcare often forget to realize as we put new systems (EMR's) in place to improve care delivery."
- Dr. Asare B. Christian, M.D.  MPH
Associate Outpatient Medical Director
Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital
"Carl is a greatly motivated person and honestly a delight to work with. He is a self starter and follows through on all projects. His greatest skills are being able to multitask on various different projects and issues at end and having great communication skills to be able to complete all on a timely manner. He would be a great asset to any team he joins."
- Dr. J. Joshi, M.D.
Physician Executive & Electronic Health Record Analyst
IASIS Healthcare
"I met Carl A. Osborne about four years ago on a project, and hurriedly embraced him as a friend and colleague, because of his exceptional work ethic, professional acumen and integrity. 

He is an energetic team player, whose perception, grasp of new applications and concepts is impeccable. Carl’s ability to present his ideas when training seems effortless, as you observe grudgingly the benefactors/audience digest the information championed and being espoused by this effervescent technologist. 

Over the years, Carl has mastered all aspects (documentation, analysis, build, training and support) of Cerner’s PowerChart, CPOE, IView, PowerNote, Dynamic Documentation, Message Center, FirstNet, RadNet, Power Plans, IPOC, Quality Measures, CareCompass, MPages, Cerner HNA User, ICD-10, ICD-9 and CPT Codes.

He is without a doubt an extraordinary Trainer and Analyst."
- K. Wrong
Physician Trainer and Education Analyst Consultant
Cerner Corporation - Kansas City, MO
"Carl Osborne is a hard-working, dedicated, professional. He is innovative and creative, as evidence by the C.A.R.L. app that he created. He thinks "outside of the box" and generates ideas that will spark solutions for teams. I am proud to work with Mr. Osborne on any project or solution, knowing that I have a knowledgeable colleague to collaborate with."
- P. Young-Cuffie
Analyst/Project Manager, Riverside Health System - Newport News, VA
"Carl did an outstanding job managing our training plan for Cerner Registration and Scheduling.  He constructed the documentation, planned our classes from scratch in a short implemnetation time frame.  He definitely was an invaluable resource on the team."
- W. Thomas
Project Manager, LifeBridge Health - Baltimore, MD 
"Carl worked extremely well with different members of the HealthCare team at MedStar Health.  He was very flexible in the sense that he did what was asked of him in a timely and productive manner and constantly over exceeded our expectations.  He was a great asset to the organization."
- N. Azuogu, RN
Clinical Informatics Nurse, MedStar Health - Baltimore, MD
"Carl successfully taught a group of hospital educators at Jackson Memorial Hospital how to teach others using Power Chart, Surginet and FirstNet for new nurses coming into the organization.  The training went very well. Carl was extremely patient and knowledgable about the topics. He also went above and beyond to ensure we knew the content that he was teaching."
- M. Braithwaite, RN
Nursing Informatics Trainer, Jackson Memorial Health - Miami, FL
"Carl provided education on Cerner EMR.  Great teacher explained information well and was well prepared each day. Very professional at all times."
- A. Williams, RN
Emergency Department Nursing Informatics Trainer, Jackson Memorial Health - Miami, FL



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