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Carl Anthony Osborne is a health IT innovator and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience either optimizing the electronic health record (EHR) for a healthcare system; or creating apple and android mobile applications/clinical user dashboards that interface with the (EHR). Recently, Carl has developed applications using (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) FHIR APIs resulting in users having direct access to clinical data.  He has participated in countless clinical design sessions that resulted in the development of multiple applications and interfaces conformant to HL7 / FHIR standards. Carl is recognized as a subject matter expert in developing healthcare applications, HL7 FHIR APIs, and is a four-time clinical application developer award winner who has a passion for analyzing current systems and processes which involves working with Patients and Clinicians to design, develop, test, and deploy applications.


Through his consulting company, Carl is making groundbreaking progress in the healthcare industry through his work and experience gained. He has worked on 23 applications for more than 25 different health systems in his 17-year-long tenure. The biggest challenge he has faced is inspiring change. He often recounts situations where an organization has been following certain processes and procedures for so long that they have become accustomed to conducting work in a certain way, even if it is not backed by strong rationale. Through this, Carl learned the art of gentle questioning.  When first meeting a client, Carl would try to identify the pain points, understand the organization’s goals and aspirations, and finally, locate the technology compatible with helping achieve the set business goals. “Sometimes with technology, not everything can be addressed, and so you have to be really good at being creative knowing what tools are out there to satisfy your client,” explains Carl.


An innovator and entrepreneur, Carl has devoted his time, skills, and experience to reshaping the way we perceive healthcare. His career spans one and a half decades as a leading clinical informaticist - optimizing, designing, and building computer systems for various healthcare organizations.  Lately, Carl and his team of developers designed and developed a mobile application called WellnessWits, which was launched on the Apple and Android play stores this year. This mobile application allows clinicians to conduct Medical Group sessions virtually and permits the clinician to monitor the patients between visits. He adds, “What was a huge milestone for me was working directly with physicians in the designing and wire-framing of the application.  This was my first time

working to develop a system that aligns with Medical Group sessions to address medical problems in addition to behavioral health.  Another significant milestone for Carl this year was winning MIT Hacking Medicine in the spring. “There is nothing like having your peers award you as one of the most innovative people in your industry. Over the weekend, I was surrounded by some of the great minds in clinical informatics and to come up with an idea and work with people whom I’ve never met before to come up with a solution was outstanding,” says Carl.  Carl and his PrivyCare team won 2nd place overall for demonstrating a mobile application that provides patient monitoring to clinicians and was awarded 1st place by Intersystems Inc. in his demonstration of utilizing FHIR API capabilities.


When He is not working with healthcare systems, Carl dedicates his time as part of the Guyana United Youth Development Association of New York, Inc. (GUYDA), an organization centered around improving the lives of youth in Guyana, South America, and the Caribbean. His role is the chief technical officer of the association and the public relations officer tasked to assist with developing the website and anything technical-related.

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