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Carl Anthony



Electronic Health Record (EHR) Consultant

EHR Clinical Strategist - EHR Application Analyst - EHR HL7 FHIR Integrator | Health App Developer - EHR Trainer - EHR eLearning Developer - EHR Conversion Support




Carl Anthony Osborne is a clinical informatics application developer with over 15 years of experience creating mobile applications/user dashboards that interface with the electronic health record. Carl has developed applications using (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) FHIR APIs and integrated them with third-party applications on iOS mobile and Android platforms. He has designed and developed multiple applications and interfaces conforming to HL7 / FHIR standards. Carl is recognized as a subject matter expert in FHIR and is a four-time clinical application developer award winner with a passion for analyzing current systems and processes, which involves working with Patients and Clinicians to design, develop, test and deploy applications.

Carl is also a Cerner applications analyst: PowerChart and FirstNet applications (Dynamic Documentation with Dragon dictation software, mPages, OrderSets aka PowerPlans, PowerForms, DTAs, Orders, Order Entry Format, and Message Center) with experience in building Cerner applications in line with Clinician workflows for acute, ambulatory, rehabilitation and behavioral health using the Model Experience content guides (Formerly known as the Cerner Playbooks). Led Provider and Non-Provider subject matter expert workgroups to obtain design decisions, ultimately to build specialty-driven workflow mPages, custom note templates, and specialty global auto-text. Provides On-Call support to Clinicians using organizations' ticket queue system to triage and assess application errors. Knowledge in resolving End-User frustration by addressing the problem using Cerner’s back-end tools or providing End-User education.

Lastly, Carl has a skillset aligned in e-Learning and training material content development with an extensive background in creating deliverables in Storyline, Captivate, and Camtasia for customers. His expertise has been in creating these modules within the Technical, Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical industry. He also has the skillset needed to create a learning management system and collect data from assessments and/or eLearning course participation.

Expertise Highlights

  • Currently an Applications Analyst building Physician documentation (Dynamic Documentation) with Dragon dictation software, OrderSets (PowerPlans), PowerNotes, PowerForms (AdHoc Forms), and Cerner End User Interface (mPages) using the Model Experience for Behavioral Health, Rehabilitation, Emergency Department, Acute and Ambulatory facilities.

  • Four-time award-winning FHIR API Health IT competition winner.

  • Developed and managed physician subject matter workgroups that addressed customization processes and coordinated in-depth clinical documentation sessions to develop specialty-driven mPages and Dyn. Doc Note Templates.

  • Currently manages organization clinical informatics help desk on-call ticket requests.  Resolves Cerner end-user incident help desk ticket.

  • Managed training implementation for Cerner Millennium (Powerchart, FirstNet, SurgiNet, PathNet, Scheduling, RadNet, and PharmNet).

  • Coordinated the efforts for 25 resources, including principal trainers, environment build specialists, instruction designers, and system architects. 

  • Developed training process for Clinical Staff, Nursing, and Ancillary Staff across all Departments.


Past Projects


Huntsville Hospital

Cerner Analyst for Ambulatory providing system optimization, testing, and validation of dynamic documentation note templates, workflow mPages, custom auto-text and provider powerforms (Procedure, Scales/ Assessments). Collaborate with Provider subject matter experts on current and future state workflows and specialty documentation.

• Led Ambulatory Specialty workgroup subject matter expert workgroup sessions to obtain decision points on specialty-driven mPages, Orders and Powerform documents.
• Designed custom dynamic documentation note templates for ambulatory.
• Provide expert industry knowledge in complex client environments (Bedrock.exe, DCPTools.exe, and Dyn. Doc Manager)
• Provide workflow gap analysis and process redesign recommendations using Workflow tracker on Method M, support client and other project teams on Reg./Schedule and CPM Billing.
• Consult with client to develop and apply appropriate policies and procedures

GSRH logo.png

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital


Physician Track Consultant for Good Shepheard Rehabilitation Hospital. Responsibilities for the Rehab Hospital included triaging tickets from testing events, cross-training GSRH analyst on building Orders (dcptools.exe), Order Entry Format (dcptools.exe), PowerPlans (dcptools.exe or bedrock.exe), Dynamic Documentation note templates (xHTML code language and Dyn Doc manager.exe), mPages (bedrock.exe), Smart Templates (bedrock.exe and corecodebuilder.exe), Message Center (inboxconfig.exe), Powerforms (powerforms.exe) and IVIew (bedrock.exe, dcptools.exe and corecodebuilder.exe).

• Cross Train GSRH Physician Track analyst on the Cerner build tools
• Investigate any Cerner PowerChart Physician Track issues
• Assist with resolving any Cerner PowerChart Physician Track issues in collaboration with the GSRH Physician Track analyst
• Train End Users on navigating Cerner PowerChart
• Provide real-time support to End Users during Go-Live of Cerner PowerChart
• Escalate, communicate and/or mitigate risks related to the Cerner Project


Lakeland Regional Health


Under the general supervision of the client, collect and analyze information from system users to formulate the scope and objectives of the Cerner emergency solution, FirstNet. Maintained Lakeland PowerPlans as requested by the client and managed issue ticketing system to assist with the ongoing operation, maintenance, and development of FirstNet and PowerPlans.

- Identified opportunities for activities related to team development and Cerner application cross training.
- Demonstrated knowledge of Cerner Millennium systems/technology necessary to complete duties, which included providing end-user technical support of mPages, FirstNet and PowerPlans.
- Served as a Cerner PowerChart, FirstNet and PowerPlan system consultant within IT department and for direct customers.
- Participates in the ongoing maintenance of Cerner Millennium applications.
- Proactively facilitates communication with Clinical Informatics personnel and within the department.
- Followed client Information Services methodologies, processes, policies, and procedures. Including but not limited to change management, documentation, and issue resolution. Assists in training FirstNet and PowerChart to IT staff.


Mayo Clinic 


Responsible for the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of Cerner Millennium electronic health record system, and/or the installation and maintenance of upgrade packages, as well as the configuration and support of system across Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN, Arizona & Jacksonville, FL. Evaluates alternative approaches and presents recommendations to teams and unit leadership. Regularly reviews Cerner applications and makes modifications and/or updates to ensure currency and functionality within an established environment.

• Maintains and supports Cerner Millennium EHR and their associated applications at multiple Mayo Clinic sites. 
• Produces and maintains documentation such as system requirements, designs, resource inventories, and plans. 
• Provides Cerner application technical expertise and project leadership to other staff members, demonstrates initiative, and works independently as needed to accomplish responsibilities. Works effectively across multiple clinical departmental organizations gaining consensus of stakeholders. 
• Interface with Cerner applications support service to ensure proper escalation during outages or periods of degraded system performance. Acts as a liaison to Mayo departments and Cerner Corporation to adequately support the divisions computing systems. 
• Interfaces routinely with colleagues who may be located at any of the Mayo Group practices to perform job responsibilities requiring virtual collaboration and partnership. 
• Provides 24/7 on-call support to Clinicians that log in help desk ticket for Cerner Powerchart application issues. 
• Utilize a variety of analytic techniques to insure accuracy of Meaningful Use metrics and clinical analytics. Routinely works with care providers, Business Analysts, other teams (IT and non-IT), and practice leadership to assure Mayo successfully meets Meaningful Use and CMS objectives while improving practice insight into important quality and compliance measures.

Prospect Logo.png

Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc. 

Crozer Chester Medical Center - East Orange General Hospital - Waterbury Hospital

Served as the Cerner Project Management Analyst for the Prospect Medical Holding Behavioral Health (BH).  I provided workflow optimization, testing, and validation of the BH solution, which included not only project management tasks but also contributing the build of BH powerforms, dynamic documentation note templates, workflow mPages, PowerPlans, Tasks, custom auto-text, and provider-driven powerforms (Procedure, Scales/ Assessments). Collaborated with BH subject matter experts at three sites in three different states (Waterbury Hospital, CT; CareWell aka EOGH, NJ, and Crozer Medical Center, PA) to capture state and local government requirements related to ensuring the sites were JACHO and HPIBS compliant. Started analyzing the current state documentation which led to validating how the build will function during future state validation. Then captured BH-approved workflow in order to build the solution according to sites approved standards.

  • Drove the client through the design of clinical and business process, solution and technology workflow, and successful adoption that will lead to achieved value.

  • Using Cerner’s implementation approach and methodology initially, developed the Prospect Medical standard to implement the system at other BH sites including Crisis, Inpatient, and Outpatient.

  • With Cerner, build knowledge of documents, orders mPages, and forms assisted in change management, helped identify opportunities for improvement during the optimization period, and identified JACHO and HPIBS regulatory gaps in the system.

  • Established me as the expert industry knowledge resource for sites that have complex client environments; contribute in a leadership capacity to advance the solution and its effectiveness.

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